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Our product is created in support of UN SDG 14 ''Life Below Water''

reef friendly suncreen

Our solution

BELLEJO Sunscreen is a product with a unique formula based on a sustainable bio polymer called Lignin, making it the 1st bio based sun care formula.

The Problem

Chemicals from sunscreen products are hurting our environment and our bodies.

What makes us different?

circular economy cosmetics

Championing Circular Economy 

We are using sustainable Lignin extracted from by-products of beer, malt and other type of wasted biomass.

High End Technology

We joined forces with passionate experts in Biotechnology and Beauty Industry, to create the first sustainable & environmentally friendly sunscreen product. 

Zero waste

You can use our product with no packaging through Sunscreen Stations located at your favourite beach or local outdoor event.


It's Vegan

I00% vegan-friendly formulation

It's Reef Friendly

We love the ocean and we want everyone to enjoy the beauty of it, that's why we formulated our product with amazing natural ingredients.

It's antioxidant enriched

The sunscreen sidekick your skin needs.  Antioxidants neutralise the free radical damage caused by exposure to the sun. In addition, antioxidants help protect your skin against other sources of free radicals, such as blue light from digital devices.

It's biotechnology

Lignin is a natural organic biopolymer, a nature inspired sun blocker for broad spectrum sunscreens. And to top it up: we plan to extract it from food and plant by-products, making it the first Circular Economy Ingredient used in sunscreen products.

Your unique skin tone has finally found a match

You will love the natural finish, available in several shades to match the tone of your skin, no white cast look
This formula just feels good with not a bit of stickiness.

Want to know when our product will be in your area?

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